Watch Moment Rema Refused Sex Offer From An Interviewer (Video)

Watch Moment Rema Refused Sex Offer From A British Interviewer (Video) has emerged, details can be accessed below.

VOG reports that singer Rema while being interviewed by Amelia, got asked what a few lines from his 2019 hit single “Dumebi” meant.

While Rema explained what Pon pon pom meant, he was asked: by the interviewer: “if he will like to pon ponpon?”

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Amelia in her curiosity asked what, pon pon pon meant, and the singer after taking his time to sing out the full-length verse said pon pon pon meant sex.

The singer further stressed that the whole song was inspired by the response he got while having sex with a girl. Her moans and pleasurable sounds inspired him to do the song.

Amelia who must have been drawn in by his straightforward, no-fronting attitude then asked, if he would like to pom pon pon, Rema said No.

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