JR Music Signed Act Kaama Drops Remix Of Ade Asa featuring Sbeirg

R Music Signed Act Kaama Drops Remix Of Ade Asa featuring Sbeirg

Coming up the scenes with a sonic revolution is JR Music, a pioneering music label with a keen eye for talent and well known for scouting and fostering promising musicians across a broad spectrum of genres. As of now, JR Music is determined to make waves both locally and globally with their new lineup.

Leading the charge is Kaama, the sensational artist behind tracks like ‘Yaye kom’ and ‘Oh ma Linda’. Signed to JR Music, Kaama is a musical prodigy whose talent has drawn comparisons to Nigeria’s acclaimed artist, Rema. Kaama’s unique blend of music styles is reminiscent of Rema with a hint of Wizkid, creating a fiery and captivating soundscape that promises to take Ghana’s music scene by storm.

Fans can discover Kaama’s mesmerizing music across all major digital platforms including his electrifying remix of ‘Ade asa’ featuring Sbeirg (Starblack), a track that’s brimming with raw energy and passionate rhythms.

Joining Kaama on JR Music’s impressive roster is the multi-talented rapper Sbeirg (Starblack). Known for his powerful punchlines, fiery lyrics, and unforgettable opening verses, Sbeirg is a force to be reckoned with in the rap game with his unique style and unmatched versatility making him an artist to keep an eye on.

JR Music is gearing up to deliver a sonic experience like no other. With a roster of gifted artists ready to define the music scene, the label is poised to release a series of back-to-back hits that will have you on your feet and moving to the beat

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