Screenshots: Jay Bahd reacts to his leaked S.3.X T.A.PE. Kumerican rapper Jay Bhad is currently the talk of town after his S.3.X T.A.PE went viral hours ago. The asakaa artiste is still dominating social media trends with his explicit video which got leaked out of nowhere.

Whiles some are accusing him of leaking it himself for clout, other are busily bashing him left and right but it seems like the rapper is less bothered by all the drama as everyone seems to be giving him exactly what he wants.

He somewhat came out to react on the issue via a tweet and it’s even much hilarious. in the twitter post which is somewhere hours old, he clarified himself wih a somple notion which is “I only sex to release stress”.

Whats he trying to tell us? He only have sex when hes stressed meaning he finds it as a source of entertainment with no strings or barriers. Love seems to be out of the question for him andwe can also further acclaim he only uses and dump girls or perharps call on them when hes stressed.

Check the tweet out below: Screenshots: Jay Bahd reacts to his leaked S.3.X T.A.PE.

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