Newly-elected Okaikwei South NPP chairman promises to unite factions for victory 2024

The newly-elected Chairman for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Okaikwei South Constituency has assured of his commitment to unite the factions in the area, ahead of the 2024 elections.

Mr. Kwame Asante Adjei says he would tap into the experience and assistance of the Council of Elders and patrons of the constituency to get lasting solutions to issues that may reduce the party’s chances in the upcoming polls.

Earlier, some aggrieved supporters had threatened to send the Party to opposition over claims that their names were not captured in the register for the constituency polls.

They accused the incumbent Member of Parliament (MP), Dakoa Newman, of disenfranchisement and violation of their rights.

The situation led to chaotic scenes and fisticuffs at the Prince of Peace polling station when some delegates faced off with the Police over the alleged deletion of some 413 names from the register.

“By removing our names, she [Dakoa Newman] means she doesn’t want us in NPP, so in the next election, we won’t vote for her. This is her first and last term,” an aggrieved delegate said.

Another added: “We are seeing only new faces. Those who are not delegates here are rather voting. So we will either go independent or go for NDC [National Democratic Congress] in the next election.”

But reacting to these concerns after the elections, Mr Adjei described the incident as unfortunate. According to him, he will rely on the party structures to resolve the issues of the disgruntled members.

Newly-elected Okaikwei South NPP chairman promises to unite factions for victory 2024
Mr Asante Adjei says he is ready to unite all factions to ensure the party has a united front to face the opposition parties in 2024

“People resort to violence when they think nobody is listening to them. That is why I am going to depend a lot on the Council of Elders and then the patrons; they are not ordinary people. The idea is that these are mature people who can handle situations.

“We are going to use more of them to make sure whatever problem that happens and anybody who feels aggrieved, we bring them together,” he said.

Reacting to the issue of missing names in the register, the Member of Parliament (MP) for the area, Dakoa Newman, said the current register being used for the elections was compiled in accordance with the Constitution and anyone aggrieved by the process has recourse to the avenues for redress provided by the Constitution.

She also stated her focus is to unite the Party in the Constituency to break the eight.

“We have an election ahead of us. We have the eight to break. My main focus is to ensure that Okaikwei South comes together and contribute massively to break the eight; for breaking the eight is not only good for the party, but the people of Ghana as a whole,” the MP said.

The conflict was not peculiar to only Okaikwei South.

In the Ashanti Region, a misunderstanding rocked the Subin Constituency as some aspirants for executive positions moved to stop the election.

They accused the party’s leadership of breaching internal processes during the delegates’ conference.

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