“You Have Betrayed Us” – Feminists Fume As One Of The Kneels Down For Husband

Mercedes Okwukogu tied the knot with her fiancee, Eric Uchenna Chimara in a lovely traditional wedding over the weekend.

The woman, who is popular for promoting feminism on Facebook, published a photo of herself bowing to her husband during their traditional wedding over the weekend.

Mercedes conceded that she had really let her guard down by kneeling down for her husband after years of trying to prove a point that women are at par with men.

Sharing the photo, she wrote, ”Chaii!!! My feminism in the mud!!!!”

The announcement of Mercedes Ekwutosim Okwukogu’s marriage aroused a wide range of reactions, with many people surprised because they had no idea she was married.

Reacting a Facebook user @Viola Ifeyinwa wrote, “The coven has scattered chai, Mercedes, you have betrialed us! why did you kneel for Eric? Were you not informed that we do kneel for men (except when…sorry koff koff)! Congratulations Ndi Nkem!!!…”

In other news, former presidential aid Reno Omokri has shared how to know what feminists really think about feminism asking men to send ladies who claim to be feminists to a restaurant and watch them.

Most ladies claim feminism that they usually ignore some things or do some things because they are feminists but Reno Omokri has widened our thoughts about what they themselves sometimes think about feminism.

He wrote;

Dressing well is not self conceit. It is self respect. You will not be able to talk to everybody who sees you and who you see. Therefore, your clothes must talk for you. Your dressing affects your confidence. When Adam saw that he was naked, what did he do?

He hid! Even if you leave your house to buy a loaf of bread from a shop down the road, dress in a way that you won’t have to hide if you see certain persons. People just like you better when you dress better. They may not know why, but you know why. It is because man is a visual animal-“My eyes affects my heart”-Lamentations 3:51.


SOURCE: www.voiceofgh.com

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