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Yawa : Fake Lawyer And Part Time Lab Technician Exposed On Facebook



Yawa : Fake Lawyer And Part Time Lab Technician Exposed On Facebook. There’s no debate about the internet been undefeated. Many will think Twitter holds the capacity when it comes to Yawa but the truth is Facebook been doing the most. Issues upon issues.

A new development that got the entire Ghanaian Facebook community talking is the drastic expose of one popular Facebook lady named Okpo Tyre. The name alone Calls for further drama. The said lady named Okpo Tyre is well known among the Ghanaian Facebook community especially in the famous Trotro Dairies group.

She holds a profile as a Lab technician whiles also doubling up as a lawyer. How it is possible is a story for the gods. Never in our lives have we seen such a noble personality. A lab technician who doubles up as a lawyer. A feat worthy of a noble prize of excellence.

Our Lady of excellence as she was known as was a notorious person who had a heavy record of stepping on people’s toes. Who even dare go up against a lab technician and lawyer? Our certificates aren’t worthy of her consideration.

Infact we are nowhere near her standards to dare exchange words with her online knowing perfectly well we can’t stand a person of her calibre face to face. She had the respect on these Facebook streets for real and it was amusing on her side as it helped her maneuver her insolence around freely.

Never did we know behind the very personality we bow to is a shabby gowlbag of a human pulling off an Oscar worthy acting and pretence. A real mastermind and a smooth walker. Her world class acting and pretending capabilities are the only clutches she held on to moonwalk on our emotion and ego.

Infact she’s nothing but a fake experimental prototype of the very thing she perturbed to be. Like the saying goes, nothing stays hidden forever. Her days were abundantly numbered on the 25th of October 2020 when she boldly involved herself in an already Buzzing saga involving 2 lovers who had hit the bedrock after a misunderstanding which saw the lady coming live on Facebook to rain insults on his said boyfriend for his ungratefulness.

Full Details are everything which is why I will reserve the details of this other saga for another post. Don’t worry. So our dear lab technician and lawyer was Allegedly said to be rounded up the cursed boyfriend to represent him in court over the reversal of the Curses rained on him by the girlfriend and that was when the real drama began.

The cursed boyfriend identified as Jah Junior proudly posted a picture of our noble lab technician and lawyer Okpo Tyre confirming that he was ready for court as he already had his lawyer, barrister or whatever she called her ready. It took just a couple minutes before agenda Boys dived deep to find out who the said lawyer was. Notorious among them was The famous Facebook troll named Kwabena Yeboah Manchester.

Just a few minutes later agenda Boys were done digging for background of the lady posted and to their dismay rather found out that our lab technician and lawyer Okpo Tyre wasn’t even who she claimed to be as all this while she was stealing pictures from a said Instagram account and throwing it around her profile as herself.

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NDC supporter dies after accidental gunshot



A man believed to be a supporter of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has died after he was reportedly shot accidentally by a friend.

The incident as reported by CitiNews occurred on Sunday, November 22, 2020, at a rally organized by the NDC.

The unfortunate incident happened when the supporters were dismantling canopies and chairs used for the rally.

ASP Thomas Tulasi, the Police commander of Gushegu narrated that one of the supporters was toying with the gun when it accidentally fired.

He said that investigations are ongoing to unravel the full details of the incident.

“One person was holding a pistol, and he was fidgeting with it, and then he fired it and killed the brother. We are now investigating the matter to know the actual cause of the incident and the one who actually fired the gunshot. They belong to the same party and this happened after the rally when they were dismantling the canopy”, he said.

Supporters of the two leading parties clashed last week which left six persons in critical condition.

One person who was picked up in connection with the skirmishes in Karaga on Monday has been granted bail.

Neither of the two parties took the blame for the incident as they both blamed each other for the occurrence.

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Lawra NPP Chairman attacked, robbed of campaign pickup



The NPP Chairman for the Lawra Constituency in the Upper West Region, Alhaji Mohammed Donkor is reported to have been attacked by some armed supporters of the party.

Sources say the men, fully armed, attacked the occupants of a campaign vehicle driven by the chairman’s personal driver and confiscated the pickup.

The incident is reported to have occurred on Sunday, November 22 at about 11:30 pm.

Confirming the said incident, Alhaji Mohammed Donkor noted that although persons in his vehicle were attacked, they all escaped unharmed.

“We returned from Brifor Chaa where we went for a campaign. So when we got to Lawra I asked the driver to go and drop some people who travelled from the village to support us in the campaign.

“So it was on his way that Karbo’s boys attacked him with catalyses and took my vehicle away,” he added.

The Lawra NPP Chairman disclosed that the incident has been reported to the Lawra Municipal Police Command for investigation.

Upper West Regional Organiser of the NPP, Mustapher Goveh revealed that party executives have been brought to speed on the alleged attack.

According to him, Alhaji Mohammed Donkor has been accused of using the party’s pickup to campaign against the Lawra MP and Deputy Minister of Roads and Highways, Anthony Abaefaa Karbo.

But some party supporters claim the regional executives of the party have already taken sides in the feud between the Lawra MP and the party chairman.

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Rawlings’s death not natural – Bishop Owusu Bempah



Former President Jerry John Rawlings did not die a natural death, Bishop Isaac Owusu Bempeh, head pastor of the Glorious Word Power Ministries, has said.

According to him, Mr Rawlings was killed in the spiritual realm by some prominent politicians in Ghana.

He made the revelation on Net 2 television on Monday, November 23.

“Former President Rawlings’s death was not natural, his death was spiritual,” he said.

“I had a vision in which I saw three different human hearts popping champagne and jubilating while the lifeless body of Mr Rawlings was resting on the table. These hearts were just jubilating and smiling while they were looking at the lifeless body of Mr Rawlings.

“I am a spiritual person and so I understand these things and know who those hearts stand for. Somebody in Ghana is looking for political power and he will never get that power. I will always say it because I am not scared of anybody. Nobody can kill me and so I will always tell the truth.” he added.

Bishop Owusu Bempah added that “I will make more revelations after the elections on December 7.”

Mr Rawlings died on Thursday, November 12 at the Korle Bu Teaching hospital after suffering a short illness.

He was 73 years.



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