Watch How A Fuel Truck Rammed Into Six Cars While Over-speeding On A Highway


A video has been sighted on social media that captures the moments a fuel truck caused havoc to six cars on a highway in Nigeria.


In the video, several vehicles seems to be driving on their path to their various destinations when the fuel truck driver decided to over-speed.

In his attempt to bypass the other vehicles, the driver ended up ramming into six cars on the highway with some parts of some of the cars damaged.

It is unclear as to whether there were casualties or some of the passengers or drivers injured in the proccess.

Watch the video below:

In other news, a social media user has narrated how an apprentice was forced by his boss to split the money he genuinely won from betting into two and give him half.

According to him, the young apprentice won N16 million from placing a bet of football games and his boss requested that he shares his winnings with him.

He said that the post requested that the apprentice divides the money into two and gives him half for reasons we are yet to find out.

However, even though the apprentice felt reluctant in doing so, the people at the market place rallied behind his boss and so he had no other option than to oblige and share the money with his boss.




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