Son Receives Hot Slaps After Planning A Date With Girlfriend, Juliana Using His Father’s Car


Tweeps have been bewildered about the moment a young guy received hot slaps from a man believed to be his father.

VOG gathered that the guy named Zadok wasn’t in the house when his parents had left the house to do something with a different car. He quickly saw that as an opportunity to move out with the other car to classes and later go out with his lover Juliana.

Apparently, showing up at the premises of the classes was a catalytic action to earn Juliana’s approval without a hitch. Unknowing to Zadok, his parents had returned to see the car missing from the house and reported it as stolen at the police station.

They later gathered intelligence that the car was located at the place his son attends the classes. In the short video that surfaced social media, the father was seen interrogating Zadok on a stir case while having knowledge about his son’s love interest.

Out of nowhere, two heavy slaps which landed on both sides of his cheeks erupted. Netizens who were at the scene sneakily recorded the moment.

Additional reports suggests that the parents of Zadok, on further investigation seized his phone and invaded his chats with Juliana to discover all amorous content they have been exchanging.

Read the full story below;

Watch the moment the boy received two hot slaps from his dad.

Meanwhile, Juliana, sharing her side of her story, denied knowing Zadok, claiming the boy lied to his parents and mentioned any random name that came to his mind.



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