Showboy drops names of those who set him up to be jailed

Showboy drops names of those who set him up to be jailed. Emotionally troubled and disappointed Showboy, born Sam Kwabena Safo Junior has let the cat out of the bag on how he ended up in jail following a bloody altercation with Junior US at his home in America.

5 years after his imprisonment, Showboy, the estranged member of Criss Waddle’s AMG Business movement has gone deep into matters. The convicted musician in a recent post on social media has dropped some wild allegations against Criss Waddle.

The musician, according to him says he was set up by Criss Waddle. On July 3 2016, Showboy narrates the AMG CEO sent Junior US to his apartment to refund the amount of money he(Criss Waddle) owed him.

Showboy explains he was set up by Criss Waddle by bringing Junior US (who he states was never his friend but he(Junior) hated on him out of jealousy) to his home to cause confusion which led to the fight.

Remember in the wake of the news in its original state, Showbow disclosed that the victim (Junior) disrespected his then-friend Criss Waddle by calling him broke and making other derogatory statements about him which got him furious into an argument that led to their fight.

He believes those statements were made to provoke him to do his worst and indeed he was caught in the web. Amid the serious fight Showboy stabbed Junior US; this he described as a self-defense approach.

“I was attacked first and I defended myself by stabbing. I don’t have control of my adrenaline. I did whatever to survive at the moment”. a part of his narration shared on social media reads. He added when he was arraigned before the law court, Criss Waddle and some other guys proudly testified against him in court, denied everything, and said they scared of me. Worst of it all told the court he’s gangsta.

The singer further recounted that to date, following his incarceration, Criss Waddle has not bothered to visit him or reach out to him by any means necessary.

It’s 5 years already and still, Showboy can’t get over this tragic incident. According to him in the post, he has been traumatized by this incident making him mentally unstable while in prison.

Read his full statement in the photo below; Showboy drops names of those who set him up to be jailed.

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