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Notorious Shoplifter Busted And Forced To Offload All The Stolen Goods

A notorious shoplifter was busted at Akure in Ondo State after she loaded a number of items in her dress after stealing from a supermarket.

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In the video making rounds on social media, the shoplifter was being searched by the attendants in the shop after they caught her red-handed trying to abscond with the items she stole.

She brought out some of the items from her trousers and panty as she was forced to offload every single thing she stole from the shop.

She tried resisting the search but she was forced to cooperate with the exercise as they tried going towards her private parts just to see if some of these items will be found there.

Watch the video below:

In other news, a Nigerian has reportedly been apprehended by the police in Abuja for allegedly causing harm to the head of her little nephew for misplacing just N100.

According to reports, the little boy misplaced the money while he was running an errand for his aunty. The suspect out of anger was said to have broken a bottle on the head of the little boy for misplacing the said amount.

Sources said that the lady after injuring the young boy’s head further threatened to deal with him drastically if he does not get out of her sight. The boy was said to standing in the hot sun bleeding profusely from head to toe.

Per the narrator’s reports, the woman is fond of subjecting the little boy to harsh treatment whenever he goes wrong. The narrator claims that the lady once gave the boy a cut on his manhood just for bedwetting.

The lady was eventually dragged to the police station after she was confronted on why she decided to wound the poor boy in such a manner.



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