Photo: Duncan Williams Son Daniel Cho*ping Girls Hits Social Media

Daniel is currently trending on twitter after he posted a video of him in a swimming pool with saxy ladies.

  • Founder of Action International Chapel Duncan Williams’ son Daniels goes half n!k.ed.
  • Twitter users wouldn’t stop talking about the video of Archbishop Duncan Willams’ son.
  • Who Is Daniel Duncan William?
  • Well, In a series of videos trending on social media, Daniel is seen with saxy girls.

Founder of  Action International Chapel Duncan Williams’ son Daniels goes naaaaak!d chilling with n!Ked girls and get intimate with them in a video which twitter users wouldn’t stop talking about.


Archbishop Duncan Willam’s Son Daniel

Daniel is the last born of a popular and highly respected Ghanaian preacher and a man of God, Archbishop Duncan Willams.

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This is not the first time that Daniel has been caught in such a huge trouble, he’s been arrested several times, he’s seen smoking weed on social media, and he talked about acting Abonsam cartoons.

Few hours ago, post a video of him with two slender girls in the pool.

?Click here to watch?

Due to the site policy we cannot post the video’s on the site but you can get the video on (here) and when he went live here.

While we’re waiting to see if Daniel ‘s father or family can come out and say something about these videos and his actions, tell us what you think in the comments section.


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