Street named after Tiwa Savage following her leaked tape. Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage has been recognised in Nigeria with a street named after her in one of the cities. Annie Idibia, the wife of 2Face Idibia, shared the video of herself jogging through a crescent in Lagos, Nigeria. She took the time to congratulate Tiwa Savage.

This development comes amid the leaked tape of Tiwa Savage and her boyfriend, who recorded their act of intimacy while on vacation. The video found its way into the hands of a blackmailer who, according to Tiwa, was demanding huge sums of money. Tiwa has already announced to the world the incoming tape in an interview with American on-air-personality, Angie Martinez of Power FM after she didn’t budge to the dictates of the blackmailer.

According to her, the video was first sent to her road manager, who alerted her as she was leaving another radio station after an interview.

“I pay it now, and then two months down the line you’re gonna come back… and then who knows if I do send you the money you probably will release it anyway,” Tiwa said. Tiwa added that the act with her lover was natural, given that they are also adults and so she wasn’t going to be ashamed.

Finally, on Monday, October 18, the blackmailer released the tape that has since gone viral with reactions all over social media. Tiwa, in response to the tape, said he has changed the narrative and control something that would have destroyed her and put her in shame.

“You hated how I was able to control the narrative and get ahead of a story before it consumed me and how I’m able to joke on stage about something you taught should destroy me and make me feel ashamed. You must knock my head when you see me other.”

Watch the street named after Tiwa Savage below; Street named after Tiwa Savage following her leaked tape.

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