Tweeting #FreeShattaWale Is Not Necessary, Shatta Wale Needs To Learn – Efia Odo. Not long ago, #FreeShattaWale became the slogan on the street following the arrest of Ghana’s dancehall king. But from the look of things, Efia Odo is certainly not in support of the #FreeShattaWale movement following her utterances on social media in recent times.

Thus, Efia Odo is a firm believer that tweeting #FreeShattaWale is not necessary, he needs to learn his lesson. According to her, whilst she understands what Wale was trying to accomplish with his stunt, he still has to pay for his actions. According to her, she was really shocked and scared for a minute but she eventually figured out that it was a publicity stunt. Shatta Wale Needs To Learn – Efia Odo.

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