Photos: Boy Dies After Iron Rods Pierced His Head. life is indeed short because of the misfortunes it keeps throwing at us. Today this, tomorrow that and yesterday was no different cos all we can remember is losing love ones each and every day. Deaths verdict leaves none happy as it only stretches it’s hand to recieve.

the latest development is both horrifying and sad as the life of a young boy was brought to an early end after an unexpected end. Sources reveal that the little boy whose identity and location have been concealed fell from a coconut tree and unfortunately crashed his head nowhere else than a sharp iron rod.

The horrifying scenes of the accident are one we might never see again in our lifetime as the boy was left breathless whiles the sharp iron rods which aided a building foundation pierced his head fatally whiles he bled out. Sources indicated that all attempts to save the little boy turned fruitless as he passed away before any aid could be given.

This is such a painful exit and our condolences go to his family and friends. Photos: Boy Dies After Iron Rods Pierced His Head.

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