New Empressle@k Website Spotted After The Shutdown And Arrest of Its Owner

If you may recall, popular adult website Empressleak was shut down a couple weeks ago by the FBI and cid over some controversial saga concerning the leak of a particular s3xtape which saw several employers arrested.

Things might have cooled down as the website is now back afresh with a new domain and new look to continue the good work they have been doing so far.

A host of Africans expressed their displeasure at the shutting down of their favourite adult site and wanted more insight into the issue however details about the whole saga have been well kept in the low.

Rumours had it that the administration of the adult site refused to pull down the tape of one alleged big man and woman after it was requested. The whoever who’s video was been posted consulted big security agencies to do the work which resulted in the termination of the site.

After a couple of weeks, another site is back like before and continuing their work.

Check it out here empressleakreloaded

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