Kobi Rana is a ‘certified gay’ – Rapper alleges

Kobi Rana is a ‘certified gay’ – Rapper alleges. An up-and-coming Ghanaian rapper has cautioned people to stay away from renowned actor and movie producer, Kobi Rana, because he is gay.

Rap Fada, in a report filed by, alleged that the actor cum singer once attempted to lick his manhood when they were both in a room.

Following this, he said he decided to cut ties with Kobi Rana to save himself from further abuse.

“Stay away from KOBI RANA, he is possessed and a certified GAY. His failed attempt to lick my manhood when we were both in a room has ruined our relationship,” Rap Fada is quoted to have said.

Rap Fada noted that several other people have encountered similar experiences from Kobi Rana but they have not been bold to speak up.

“Many have suffered this with him and they can’t be bold to come out, he is evil,” he added. Kobi Rana is a ‘certified gay’ – Rapper alleges.

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