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If You Don’t Want Slap, Don’t Bring The Following Around Me

Singer Davido has warned those around him not to bring these things to him if they don’t want to be slapped by him as he finds ways to control his tummy and workout.

Davido has lamented over how his weight is still the same despite working out and after analyzing realized that his diet also plays a very important role in him losing weight hence has planned to take good care of his diet and work out as well.

He researched foods that have carbohydrates in them and made it public warning that no one should bring these types of foods around him if the person doesn’t want to be slapped by him as he’s really angry with how his weight is.

Davido now knows that he needs to take his diet very seriously as well as workout in order to get the desired body he wants hence asking that no one should come to him with such foods, we know some of his team members get coconut head and will still give him such foods to eat.

screenshot below;



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