I feel I am German trapped in Ghanaian body – Zapp Mallet

I feel I am German trapped in Ghanaian body – Zapp Mallet. Veteran Ghanaian recording engineer Emmanuel Mallet popularly known as Zapp Mallet is crying to the German Embassy in Ghana to help him move out of the country. According to the record producer, he has genuine feelings that he is German who has been trapped in a Ghanaian body thus the need to relocate to where he truly belongs.

In a social media post, Zapp Mallet called on the German Embassy to as a matter of necessity facilitate his moving out of Ghana. He added that the struggles of the citizenry coupled with lack of opportunities in Ghana are the fundamental reasons why he wished to “trace his roots.”

He wrote:

“Feel I’m a German trapped in a Ghanaian body…I’m appealing to the German embassy to help me come out of this Ghana body oo… I’m just being myself. If by identifying who i am offends the ancestors then I’m sorry but do they know my struggles in this land? Are they concerned? Mk i think. German embassy, hear my appeal”

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