How to send a photo in PDF by WhatsApp?


WhatsApp Messenger is a great way to stay connected with friends and family around the world, but many users have noticed that it does not have the ability to send high-quality images. That’s why WhatsApp has been in the process of working on upgrades for Sending HQ images & Pictures, but we still don’t know when it will be available in future updates. This leaves many people feeling frustrated and wanting an alternative, as they don’t want to wait any longer. WhatsApp is designed to reduce mobile data usage and charging fees, making it easier for daily use. However, this unfortunately also results in images losing up to 70% of their quality when sent via WhatsApp messenger. Those who want more high-quality WhatsApp pics should look into other alternatives to continue connecting with loved ones in the meantime.

How to send pictures on WhatsApp without quality loss?

As you already understood, it is possible to send WhatsApp images without quality loss. However, not everything is so simple, because the messenger automatically detects all the pictures and compresses them. To get around this limitation, you need to play a little with file formats, thus making the application send data in the same quality in which they were sent.

One way to achieve the goal is to simply rename the files. You can use the file manager to go to the folder where the pictures are stored and change their JPG or PNG resolution to DOC, or PDF. The method is not very reliable, as it is time-consuming and does not guarantee that the files will be displayed normally on another device after renaming. It is better to use another option – converting images to PDF.

How to convert photos to PDF?

What is the idea behind the method? It’s very simple – you can convert the picture to PDF and send it in this format. If you make a PDF from the photo, then WhatsApp will not apply compression to these files but will send the data in its original quality. Only for this method do you need a special application. As soon as you convert photos to PDF, you can send them in the standard way via messenger.

PDF Scanner App: Scan Docs, ID is an awesome tool that supports picture formats including JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, and TIFF. It’s a user-friendly program with no annoying ads that allow users to convert picture files quickly. You can now save yourself time by using the batch processing feature of this tool to transform multiple picture files in one go. You can also use basic picture tools to edit your picture conveniently. In addition, you can upload your picture file up to 100MB without any restrictions and have exact results in minimum time with high-speed conversion. Another PDF Scanner App: Scan Docs, ID can convert PDF to word for free. With the app’s history feature, you can easily access any file and view it too. Transferring a picture into a PDF format in just one click makes life much easy with the help of the PDF Scanner App: Scan Docs ID!

How to send pictures on WhatsApp as a document?

Although in general, the process for sending documents via WhatsApp is similar to Android and iPhone, there are some differences. For clarity, we will consider both cases.


Sending an image through WhatsApp can be a simple task if you know where to look! 

  1. Access the chat space where you want to send the WhatsApp image. 
  2. Press the paper clip icon, and tap “Documents”. 
  3. From there, browse for other documents by tapping the “Browse Other Documents” button. 
  4. You can select any picture you’d like to send by searching through the “Images” tab at the top. Once you have your desired selection, press “Send” and WhatsApp will automatically send it as a PDF file in no time!


Once you’ve completed the process of converting an image to PDF, it only takes a few more taps:

  1. Open your WhatsApp, and click on the conversation where you want to send it.
  2. Select “Document” from the “Plus” button.
  3. Browse for the folder containing your file and tap on the image.
  4. Preview it on your screen and finally tap “Send”.

On iPhone, there is another way to convert photos to PDF. Its plus is that you do not need to install an additional application, but at the same time, the method is an order of magnitude less functional than what is described above. By accessing the gallery of your iPhone, selecting the image you want to save as a PDF, tapping the “Share” button at the bottom left of the screen, and then clicking “Save to Files,” either “On my iPhone” or in “iCloud Drive”, you can easily create an attractive and eye-catching document in no time.

Final Words

In conclusion, it’s easy to convert photos to PDF and send them via WhatsApp. Whether you opt for an additional application or use the built-in features of your phone, you’ll be able to get high-quality images into a PDF format in no time. With this method, you can easily preserve the original resolution and quality of the image and make sure that your messages are clear and vivid when sent via WhatsApp! So go ahead and start sending documents today!


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