How Mona Gucci Allegedly Introduced An Innocent Lady Into Lesbianism

We have chanced upon a piece of information that greatly implicates Ghanaian media personality, Mona Gucci.

The post was made on the popular social media platform, Instagram by the popular Ghanaian Instagram blogger, Tutugyagu.

According to her, Mona Gucci is a lesbian and she has been introducing innocent ladies into the act. Additionally, Mona has also been pimping ladies to men for money.

The post reads;

“After doing thr33$0m€ with Adepa and Teddy, SP Mona Gucci then passed the Adepa to this guy called Martin, who happens to be Teddy’s brother… And after that instructed her to send her videos whenever making lcve.. This is a video Adepa sent to Mona during one of those moments, and now she wants to bl$ckmail Adepa with this video.. Well I have already posted it, so if you see it anywhere, this is the story… I don’t know if the girl was hypnotized or something, cos this is serious oo eeiiii…. Part 3 coming !!!”

Some reactions the post got are;

flawless_glow_byrossy – Eiiiiii enjoyment capo

nanakwame009 – The adwoatutugyagu sound is very distracting. It keeps repeating too fast 😂

amosuzanne – The girl isn’t herself 😢

akua_kabs – Nsem sisi😂😂😂 eeiii information dey this country inside

paulinaatadana – We can’t wait ooooo😂😂😂kokonsa nti nipa nne ahoto😂😂😂

arabasmiley – She looks intoxicated

mandy_jael_berry_woods – She took molly .. that’s the only substance that can make one act this way 🥂

Source: www.voiceofgh.com

SOURCE: www.voiceofgh.com

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