Here is what awaits you in Ghana in summer 2023

Summer is approaching and so is our desire to visit new places for the summer holidays. Choosing what country, city or island to visit is a tough task, as there is so much possibility to select from throughout the globe. But if you were planning to visit some African country, then you have landed on the right page. On today’s article, we will inform you what you can do in Ghana for the summer 2023 and the planned activities and events. 

Before we get started, we highly recommend you get a prepaid SIM card at the airport once you arrive, so that you have internet and can access the Maps app, your own saved trip plans or visit Joe Fortune Crypto Casino and other platforms or websites of your liking. But apart from that, there is a wide selection of activities to do in Ghana and to choose from, it just all depends on your preference. Join us on this blog to explore things you can do in Ghana for summer 2023!

Tours and Trips

Tourism is a big topic in Ghana because of the country’s natural beauty and statistics show that this activity is benefiting Ghana financially, as for example the country was able to generate over 1.9% billion dollars from tourism in 2020. The beautiful African country of Ghana is known for its spectacular landscapes, so tours and trips around the country cannot miss this list. The most popular attractions in Ghana include the Cape Coast Castle, Kakum National Park, Elmina Castle, Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park, Wli Waterfalls, Aburi Botanical Gardens and Bojo Beach. 

In the Cape Coast Castle and Emina Castles you will be accompanied by a guide who is going to explain amongst other historical facts the slave trade, which might be an intriguing topic for some people to gain insights into.

The Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park is where Ghana’s first president is buried, while the Kakum National Park has the famous canopy walk with a lot of flora and fauna to observe around.

The Wli Waterfalls are a natural mesmerizing beauty found deep in the forests, while the Aburi Botanical Gardens provide an experience of seeing a variety of trees and plants from all around the world. Lastly, you can always enjoy a dive at Bojo beach which is a beautiful and relaxing environment with white sand and blue waters. Whether you want to visit these top sights in Ghana alone or in group, you can always check out trip organizations to Ghana that will take you to all these places.

Summer Volunteer Programs

If you want to visit Ghana, but still invest your time in something valuable, then we recommend volunteering programs. In such instances, you will do something fulfilling and help those who need you, while also being able to travel and explore the country. 

Some of the most popular volunteering programs in Ghana include taking care of children, taking care of disabled children and teaching them English, Math or Arts. However, there are other opportunities to volunteer in different fields such as the medical area or health care system, with options such as, for example to offer help in Mental Hospitality. 

In all these cases, you will collaborate with the local staff that is there, so that means you will always have guidance from someone, even if you go there alone. Usually, these programs offer you the accommodation and three meals covered, so you don’t have to think about that. The programs last somewhere between 2 to 24 weeks, and you can choose on your own how much time you want to stay in Ghana. We recommend that you go there first and see how you like it, and then once you get a bit familiar and realize if you can fit in, you can always extend your stay within the program.

Festivals in Ghana for 2023

Another option to consider when visiting Ghana is the music festivals that are offered. In Ghana, you will hear music and see people dancing and enjoying the good vibe everywhere, so definitely consider going to a festival and blend in with this vibe. Here is a rundown of the most popular festivals in Ghana for 2023!

The festivals for 2023 include the Panafest and Ada Asafotufiami Festival which will be held from the 28th of July to the 6th of August on the Volta River in Ada. This festival will have different parades marching along the river, but also a lot of instruments playing and music, accompanied by dancing. 

Apart from that one, the Chale Wote Street Festival is also taking place in Ghana this summer from August 12th to August 21st where a wide range of local and international artists will gather to create the atmosphere. The cool thing is that from early June, any artist from around the world who would want to participate in the festival, can apply. Hence, if you are for example a musician, this is a great opportunity to not just visit the beautiful country of Ghana but also perform there.


Ghana has a lot to provide to those who are willing to visit, and this article explored some of the offers of the country for summer 2023. Whether you want to visit the country’s landscapes or historical locations, engage in good-willing activities such as volunteering, or want to attend a festival, we assure you that you will have a wonderful time in all these instances. 

SOURCE: www.voiceofgh.com

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