Hacking Group UncOver Release New Jailbreak Tool Which Works on iOS 13.5

Hacking Group UncOver Release New Jailbreak
Hacking Group UncOver Release New Jailbreak


Apple released the latest iOS 13.5 software update a few weeks ago. The update included a number of new features, including an exposure notification system in partnership with Google.

Fortunately, within days of the official release, users started reporting a major bug issue with the latest iOS version.

Now, hackers have found a way to mess with Apple’s security system. There’s a new jailbreaking tool in town that works on every iPhone from iOS 11 to the current 13.5.

Jailbreaking into the Apple Restrictive System

Apple has always been very proud of its security strategy. In recent years, however, Hacking group UncOver have been able to exploit it and this is the first time a jailbreaking tool has been able to work on the latest software update.

Hacking group UncOver
Hacking group UncOver Official site


Hacking group UncOver released the jailbreak tool, announcing that it can jailbreak devices that have iOS 11 and above including the latest iOS 13.5.

Jailbreak tools allow users to gain more control and access over the operating system of the devices. It then lets the user customize their phones, giving access to restricted apps.


And in the case of Apple, it restricts a lot of apps and services. But according to UncOver, jailbreak will not “drain the battery life or prevent services like iMessage, Apple Pay, or iCloud.”

UncOver’s lead developer says, “Jailbreak literally removes limitations to existing rules”

Watch This Step-by-Step Video on How To Jailbreak  iOS 13.5


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