Get to know Ginny Andersen: Biography, Age, Career, Networth

Ginny Andersen is a New Zealand politician and Member of Parliament in the House of Representatives for the Labour Party. She is a longstanding member of the Labour Party, joining in 2004, and serving as the Party Vice President from 2015-2017.

Ginny Andersen entered Parliament in 2017 and became MP for Hutt South in 2020. In January 2023, she became Minister for the Digital Economy & Communications, Seniors and Small Business, Associate Minister of Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations, and also the Minister of Police.

Prior to becoming an MP, Ginny Andersen held roles in Parliament as both a Private Secretary and Senior Ministerial Advisor and worked in the public service for New Zealand Police and the Office of Treaty Settlements.

Ginny Andersen’s Biography

Virginia Ruby Andersen born in 1975, is a New Zealand politician and Member of Parliament in the House of Representatives for the Labour Party. Ginny Andersen worked for the New Zealand Police as a policy unit manager from 2006 to 2017. Prior to that, she worked at the Office of Treaty Settlements and was also a private secretary and senior political adviser in Parliament to several Labour MPs including Trevor Mallard, David Cunliffe, Mark Burton, and Margaret Wilson.

Ginny Andersen stood in the electorate of Ōhāriu at the 2014 election and was only narrowly defeated by the long-standing incumbent, Peter Dunne of United Future, by a margin of 610 votes (1.91%). She served as the Labour Party’s Vice-President from 2015 to 2017, when she stood down to focus on her parliamentary candidacy.

In October 2016, Ginny Andersen was selected as Labour’s candidate for the electorate of Hutt South for the 2017 election against Hutt City Councillor Campbell Barry and list candidate Sarah Packer. She replaced long-serving member of parliament Trevor Mallard as the Labour Party candidate who had, in July of that year, said he would serve as a list-only candidate for the election with the intention of becoming Speaker of the House.

While Ginny Andersen lost the Hutt South election to Bishop, she entered parliament via the party list under New Zealand’s MMP electoral system. She was chosen as the Minister for the Digital Economy and Communications, Minister for Small Business, Minister for Seniors, Associate Minister of Immigration, and the Associate Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations in a cabinet reshuffle by Prime Minister Chris Hipkins on 31 January 2023.

Following Stuart Nash’s resignation as Police Minister, she was appointed as Minister of Police by Prime Minister Chris Hipkins on 20 March 2023. Ginny Andersen is an advocate for speaking Te Reo Māori. She is fluent in the language after studying Te Reo at secondary school and University. Ginny has devoted much of her time to teaching others Te Reo at night classes and at her local library. She believes everyone deserves the ability to learn the language, should they wish to.

Ginny Andersen’s Nationality

Ginny Andersen is a New Zealand politician and Member of Parliament in the House of Representatives for the Labour Party.

Ginny Andersen’s Net Worth

The actual net worth of Ginny Andersen isn’t known but as a successful politician, she is estimated to be worth $5 million

Where is Ginny Andersen from?

Ginny Andersen is from New Zealand an island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. It consists of two main landmasses the North Island and the South Island and over 700 smaller islands. It is the sixth-largest island country by area, covering 268,021 square kilometres.

How old is Ginny Andersen?

Ginny Andersen’s age is 47 years as she was born in 1975

Ginny Andersen’s Height & Weight

The height and weight of Ginny Andersen aren’t known as it hasn’t been made public

Ginny Andersen’s Education

Where Ginny Andersen had her basic and secondary education isn’t known but we know she continued to the University of Canterbury

Ginny Andersen’s Career

Ginny Andersen is a politician who is the representative for Hutt South and has extensive experience in the field of justice. She has worked for the New Zealand Police for nine years, where she developed action plans to lessen the harm caused by gangs, organized crime, and methamphetamine, as well as in Parliament as a senior political advisor and private secretary.

In addition to teaching night sessions as a part of Adult and Community Education, she studied Te Reo Maori in both her secondary and undergraduate studies. In order to be a powerful advocate for New Zealanders since her election to Parliament in 2017, Ginny Andersen has merged her professional background and personal passions.

Ginny Andersen’s Marital Status

Ginny Andersen is married to Geoff Gwyn, a former police inspector.

Ginny Andersen’s Family & Siblings

There is no information about the family of Ginny Anderson hence we can’t tell the relationship she has or have with her parents and who they are or even whether she has any siblings or is an only child of her parents.

Why is Ginny Andersen famous?

Ginny Anderson is famous as a New Zealand politician and Member of Parliament in the House of Representatives for the Labour Party who just became the new minister of police.

Ginny Andersen’s Children

Ginny Anderson has 4 children but there is nothing known about her kids

Ginny Andersen’s Social Media

Ginny Andersen goes by the handle (@ginny_andersen) on Instagram and (@ginnyandersen) on the bird app/Twitter

Source: www.Voiceofgh.com

SOURCE: www.voiceofgh.com

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