Just Wow : Belgium Based Ghanaian Man Hilariously Schools Ladies On Modern Day Relationships

Just Wow : Belgium Based Ghanaian Man Hilariously Schools Ladies On Modern Day Relationships. What does a modern day relationship looks like is a question that breeds many answers. The days of our mothers are gone. Times are changing and digital love is the new trend. We are in the Era where ladies genuinely feel they deserve all the care and attention. Only a few ladies can boldly hit their chest and say they bring something to the table too.

The rest however got nothing to offer. How they feel can’t even be explained. We never know what goes on in their heads but whatever it is they proudly feel they are some kind of Queen Bee. Not saying all ladies but a greater percentage follows this very trend.

During a supposed group conversation on whatsapp in a grouped named Siasem Headquarters, there was serious debate on this issue but the words of one Member Who’s name has been revealed as Ray Junior dropped a bombshell that sent the whole group in a frenzy astonishment. The young man of Ghanaian decency who currently resides in Belgium schooled the ladies in the group on modern day relationships and why ladies are always left victims.

He wrote ;

” A gf is not a slave a bf is not an atm machine.

Now in modern day Ghana this has switched. The girls are working like donkeys and the boys are paying like mad people. Now can this ever change no. It’s the law now. It take a two brought up well children to understand marriage and how to begin at bf to gf and graduate to marriage.
Now Yaa was talking about tears. Wo boyfriend egymii ah wosi it will always end in tears lmao. It’s common sense some of you girls lack. A girl claiming to be smart all the time are those that cry at the end. Once you starting stepping up to your man because you think you smart is when he thinks of breaking up with you. A submissive lady will always go far with his current bf.
Now my last point. “`*man is looking for love in this world. All we searching is pussy. As a lady your character after that sex is what keeps a man. * After having sex with a man ladies don’t really respect a man again because they think the pussy has secured him. Lol. He will just lose interests in you. So my advice to yall us never give sex to your bf it will end in tears trust me.
Girls should have known all this by now. But men are tooo *WISE* in the game of love. *WOMEN NEVER WIN*

To the ladies here. I pray yall find good men. And not just a boy chasing pussy.


Check Screenshots of the chat below ;Just Wow : Belgium Based Ghanaian Man Hilariously Schools Ladies On Modern Day Relationships.

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