If you may recall, popular adult website Empressleak was shut down a couple weeks ago by the FBI and cid over some controversial saga concerning the leak of a particular s3xtape which saw several employers arrested.

Things might have cooled down as the website is now back afresh with a new domain and new look to continue the good work they have been doing so far.

A host of Africans expressed their displeasure at the shutting down of their favourite adult site and wanted more insight into the issue however details about the whole saga have been well kept in the low.

Rumours had it that the administration of the adult site refused to pull down the tape of one alleged big man and woman after it was requested. The whoever who’s video was been posted consulted big security agencies to do the work which resulted in the termination of the site.

After a couple of weeks, another site is back like before and continuing their work.

Check it out here empressleakreloaded

Children president, Funny Face has announced that his close friends, Emmanuel Adebayor, has ufollowed him on instagram. Funny Face stated in a post that he’s been through a lot with his twins following his recent posts on social media.

He apologised for not listening to what his peers had told him about his social media activity when the topic came to the public.

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The comedian begged for forgiveness from Bola Ray, Fada Dickson, and Adebayor, requesting a second chance to be a better person.


Nigeria’s very own DJ Cuppy just put the internet on red alert over her latest thirst trap video which saw her extravagant private part pop up plainly whiles she attempted to go no panties.

The video spotted by sees the Nigerian sensational act go extremely nude and the internet is divided with a half quenching their thirst at her amazing endowment whiles the remaining half jumps at their usual holy virgin Mary judgments.

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This isn’t the first time a celebrity is pulling this off as we’ve seen a great deal of such incidents but we are optimistic that DJ Cuppy is setting the bar straight with this one. And it’s one of a kind. A fine body and pretty face alongside her Blessed bum bum is what every man will dream of and now we know for sure her “coochie” is on it’s own level.

Take a peep of the video below and don’t forget you saw it here first.



Reports show that after childbirth a newborn baby had a “IUD” device in its hands.

The baby boy born at Hai Phong International Hospital in northern Vietnam ‘s city of Hai Phong can be seen holding the yellow and black intrauterine device (IUD) in his hand.

Obstetrician Tran Viet Phuong said the baby was born with the device in his hands. When the photo was taken the baby had it tightly placed in his hands, it is said.

Dr Phuong told local media: “After delivery, I thought him holding the device was interesting, so I took a picture. I never thought it would receive so much attention.”

The contraceptive coil is meant to avoid sperm fertilizing a woman ‘s eggs.
The doctor indicated that the device could have been moved from its original position, which allowed the mother to become pregnant. He went on to state that the baby was born healthy, weighing 7 lbs, and both mother and child were under surveillance in the hospital after birth.


Newest Chipset Exynos 880 Designed To Support 5G
Samsung Exynos 880

Samsung isn’t just a maker of smartphones. It’s got several other items under its belt. And one of them is the line of their chipset / processor.

It has two processors under its name, Exynos 980 and Exynos 990. But now, Samsung has recently unveiled a brand-new Exynos 880 chipset.

Features of Samsung Exynos 880

Unlike its high-end chipsets, the Exynos 880 is designed for mid-range applications. It may be in inexpensive smartphones, but it has almost the same capacity as the Exynos 980.

Features of Samsung Exynos 880

Samsung Newest Chipset Exynos 880 is based on the 8-nanometer FinET process. It has an integrated 5G modem that supports up to 2.55Gbs of download speed and up to 1.28Gbps of upload speed.

There are two ARM Cortex A76 cores running at 2GHz in the latest Samsung Exynos 880. And there are 6 ARM Cortex A55 cores performing at 1.8GHz.

The GPU used by Exynos 880 is ARM Mali-G76 MP5. It supports high refresh rates as well as Full HD+ display. So, this processor is a gamer ‘s dream when you’re looking for a mid-range smart phone with excellent results.

In addition, Exynos 880 also supports UFS 2.1 and eMMC 5.1 storage, as well as LPDDR4X RAM.

The Difference of its High-End Siblings

Most of the features of Exynos 880 are similar to its high-end siblings, including storage and speed. But the support of the camera is what makes it special.

Samsung Exynos 880 SoC can accommodate either a 64MP main camera or dual 20MP camera setup. Whereas the 980 can accommodate up to 108MP main cameras.

Requires up to 30fps of 4K video recording. And it also offers playback for HEVC, H.264, and VP9 codecs.

And the other thing that is lacking is a higher resolution screen as Exynos 880 supports screen up to FHD+ or 2520 x 1080.

Given the variations, we can all accept that using a mid-range Android system with Samsung Exynos 880 SoC doesn’t seem to be a bad deal.

Hacking Group UncOver Release New Jailbreak
Hacking Group UncOver Release New Jailbreak


Apple released the latest iOS 13.5 software update a few weeks ago. The update included a number of new features, including an exposure notification system in partnership with Google.

Fortunately, within days of the official release, users started reporting a major bug issue with the latest iOS version.

Now, hackers have found a way to mess with Apple’s security system. There’s a new jailbreaking tool in town that works on every iPhone from iOS 11 to the current 13.5.

Jailbreaking into the Apple Restrictive System

Apple has always been very proud of its security strategy. In recent years, however, Hacking group UncOver have been able to exploit it and this is the first time a jailbreaking tool has been able to work on the latest software update.

Hacking group UncOver
Hacking group UncOver Official site


Hacking group UncOver released the jailbreak tool, announcing that it can jailbreak devices that have iOS 11 and above including the latest iOS 13.5.

Jailbreak tools allow users to gain more control and access over the operating system of the devices. It then lets the user customize their phones, giving access to restricted apps.


And in the case of Apple, it restricts a lot of apps and services. But according to UncOver, jailbreak will not “drain the battery life or prevent services like iMessage, Apple Pay, or iCloud.”

UncOver’s lead developer says, “Jailbreak literally removes limitations to existing rules”

Watch This Step-by-Step Video on How To Jailbreak  iOS 13.5


Moto G8 Fast Accidentally Leaked Online by Motorola
Leak Moto G8 Fast

Motorola’s got a lot under her sleeves lately. And they came out with another phone announcements one after the other.

Motorola Edge Plus has already been released by the company. And the Motorola G7 ranges have also recently been announced. It’s also planning to bring Motorola One to the US.

Motorola recently leaked a YouTube video of the Moto G8 Fast smartphone “accidentally” and immediately took it down. Yet thanks to some of the viewers who were fast enough to save it, we now know what the G8 looks like.


Moto G8 Fast

There’s not a lot of details about the Moto G8 Fast because it’s not officially out yet. Yet there’s still a lot to know about the leaked footage.

In the leaked video the Moto G8 Fast was gray and had a full-screen camera. There were three camera lenses on the back of the phone, one of which was a macro lens and the other a wide-angle sensor.

It’s going to have a 3 GB RAM and a 4000mAh battery that lasts up to two days.

The front of the phone has almost no notch and a thin bezel. At the top left corner, there’s a punch-hole camera.
The Moto G8 Fast is likely to have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 6xx processor with an octa-core CPU. And the rumor is that it will support the 5G.

We still have a lot of questions about the phone. But even though Motorola has taken the video down, we know it’s ready. So, maybe Motorola is about to announce the release of the Moto G8 soon.

Check Video Below

Archbishop Duncan Williams and son Daniel Williams

In a statement issued on his behalf, the founder of Action Chapel International stated that Daniel had been diagnosed with “acute bipolar disease” six years ago.

According to a statement signed by Bishop Ebenezer Obodai, the Archbishop’s Spokesperson and his family Danny’s failure to continue his prescribed medication caused a relapse, which led to his public outburst on Tuesday.
The statement also noted that Daniel has a serious illness and that he “is not by himself,” so that the public and the media can not make the best of it, but instead accompany the family in prayer.

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Full statement Below;

Mental Health: Toll, Tragedies and Hope

The significance of psychological health has become very personal to Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams and his family. Six years ago, Archbishop’s son, Daniel Duncan-Williams, was diagnosed with acute bipolar disease. Through the family, Daniel has undergone the very best medical interventions, treatments and hospitalizations, yet he still experiences relapses when he does not continue on his prescribed medication.

His outbursts on social media and elsewhere should not be media fodder or click-bait; We acknowledge that the obscenities are abhorrent but understand that he has a serious illness. Daniel is not of himself and he has never been in prison.

Historically, many mega pastors have all had to deal with their personal family challenges in the public eye and in this same vein, we also ask you to separate “who a person is from their mistakes”. We love Daniel, and we believe God’s mercy turns what was meant for evil to good, for them that love the lord and are called according to his purpose. Daniel also continues to be covered and supported spiritually with intense and consistent prayers.

The Archbishop has prayed all over the world for nations, leaders, pastors, families, mothers and lay people and at this time, he asks that you join in prayer for Danny and the family. We are believing, with God on our side, that Daniel will come out of this stronger and with a testimony to the glory of God.

The Archbishop said,

“This is a test of his faith. In his own words, “I know the situation that my son is in, and I always love him, please pray for us. “Love covers a multitude of sins.” 1 Peter 4:8.

Bishop of Ebenezer Obodai, Spokesman for Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williamsand the family

The Archbishop and his family continue to stand firm in their faith in believing God for Daniel’s complete deliverance, healing and restoration. Please, we ask that you respect their privacy as they navigate through this time of trial.

Psalm 3:3. But thou, O Lord, art my shield; my glory, and the lift of my crown.

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Photo: Duncan Williams Son Daniel Cho*ping Girls Hits Social Media

Daniel is currently trending on twitter after he posted a video of him in a swimming pool with saxy ladies.

  • Founder of Action International Chapel Duncan Williams’ son Daniels goes half n!k.ed.
  • Twitter users wouldn’t stop talking about the video of Archbishop Duncan Willams’ son.
  • Who Is Daniel Duncan William?
  • Well, In a series of videos trending on social media, Daniel is seen with saxy girls.

Founder of  Action International Chapel Duncan Williams’ son Daniels goes naaaaak!d chilling with n!Ked girls and get intimate with them in a video which twitter users wouldn’t stop talking about.


Archbishop Duncan Willam’s Son Daniel

Daniel is the last born of a popular and highly respected Ghanaian preacher and a man of God, Archbishop Duncan Willams.

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This is not the first time that Daniel has been caught in such a huge trouble, he’s been arrested several times, he’s seen smoking weed on social media, and he talked about acting Abonsam cartoons.

Few hours ago, post a video of him with two slender girls in the pool.

?Click here to watch?

Due to the site policy we cannot post the video’s on the site but you can get the video on (here) and when he went live here.

While we’re waiting to see if Daniel ‘s father or family can come out and say something about these videos and his actions, tell us what you think in the comments section.

Popular Ghanaian gospel singer, Ohemaa Mercy recently got divorced by her husband after years of marriage

On Ohemaa Mercy’s 42nd birthday in September 2019, her husband Mr. Twum Ampofo gifted her brand new car.

Mr. Twum Ampofo and his former wife, Ohemaa Mercy.

Well, Afia Schwarzenegger has revealed that, the car was just used a show off because the said car belongs to Mr Twum’s friend who sells cars.

According to Afia Schwarzenegger, the car dashing saga was all for the cameras.

Afia Schwarzenegger added that, Mr Twum just begged his friend to allow him to present the car as a gift his wife as gift and bring it back .

Watch the video below;


Source: Voiceofgh