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Kennedy Agyapong Starts The New Year In Style As He Marries 3rd Wife. Firebrand of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Kennedy Agyapong has started the new year in a grand style after he married his third wife in a simple traditional wedding.

The news was first shared on Facebook by one Maame Duodua Appiahkorang, who’s obviously a member of the NPP. Sharing the photos, Maame congratulated the duo for the marriage and wished them a blissful journey ahead.

We don’t know much about this woman except that she was referred to as Christi in addition to all her irresistible attributes which caught the eyes of the brash MP for Assin Central.

She wrote: “Aunty Christi am super excited today for you. Indeed patience moves mountains and honesty pays. A woman of every man’s dream.

Humble, quiet, serviceable and obedient. Am happy you and Hon Ken. This is soo beautiful and blessed. Congratulations aunty Christi.”

For the records, Kennedy Agyapong has two wives with 22 children, before she married this relatively younger woman.

We still don’t have details of where the marriage took place but it’s believed it was held hours ago today, January 2, 2021. Kennedy Agyapong Starts The New Year In Style As He Marries 3rd Wife.

Photos and video from Patapaa and Liha Miller white wedding pop up. Patapaa has started 2021 with a bang as he becomes the first celebrity to tie the nuptial in the year with his German girlfriend Liha Miller.

After doing the needful by marrying his girlfriend the traditional way, Patappaa has led his wife down the aisle as photos and video from his white wedding pop up.

The Amoahs performed their traditional marriage ceremony at the hometown of the “One Corner” crooner at Agona Swedru in the Central Region although Liha Miller’s family was absent…perhaps she had a representative.

Video and photos below see Patapaa and Liha Miller clad in white beautiful suit and gowns respectively as they get their white wedding underway.

Check Out Video and Photos Below; Photos and video from Patapaa and Liha Miller white wedding pop up.

First photos from Patapaa’s traditional marriage to German girlfriend Liha Miller. First photos from the traditional marriage ceremony between Justice Amoah aka Patapaa and German girlfriend Liha Miller.

Patapaa promised to get married to Liha Miller some few days ago on January 2, 2021 and has fulfilled the promise.

Photos from the traditional marriage ceremony give credence to the promise made by Patapaa and also cements the controversial relationship the two lovebirds have been enjoying for some time now.

In the presence of family members, Patapaa is seen dressed in a long white caftan with his bride Liha Miller clad in traditional kente colours as they seal their marriage as Ghanaian customs demand.

Check Out Photos Below : First photos from Patapaa’s traditional marriage to German girlfriend Liha Miller.

Another deadly virus is coming – Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi Hints. Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi of Glorious Wave Church International fame has asked the world to brace itself for another deadly virus in 2021.
Prophesying during the church’s December 31, 2020, watch-night service, he said, just like covid-19 the new virus will originate from China.

“Another virus is coming and the source is China. It will pass through Europe,” he asserted.
On records, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi happens to be the second pastor in the country to prophesy about the outbreak of another virus.

Bishop Isaac Owusu Bempah also spoke in a similar light when he predicted in an interview with Net 2 TV, that there will be a more deadly virus after Covid-19. Another deadly virus is coming – Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi Hints.

I see death hanging on the neck of an Ex President – Rev Owusu Bempah. As usual, Rev Isaac Owusu Bempah on December 31, 2020, Watch Night Service dropped a tall list of prophecies about Ghana.
The prophecies aired out at the annual Watch Night service of his church contained many doom prophecies.

Amongst other things the Prophet said will happen in 2021, he said a big political party in Ghana will get a big funeral.

Rev Owusu Bempah for obvious reasons didn’t mention the name of the political party in question but making use of inferential logic, the person should come from either NDC or NPP r the big personality who will be dying.

He furthered that, death is hanging on the neck of one person who has ruled Ghana before.

VIDEO BELOW: I see death hanging on the neck of an Ex President – Rev Owusu Bempah.

Mahama reveals why he’s challenging 2020 election results. In an address to the nation on December 30, 2020, the former president said he chose to petition the Supreme Court over the outcome of the elections not because of ‘a desperate desire for power’ but rather his dedication to the will of Ghanaians.

He also wants every bit of doubt associated with the election results disentangled.

“Some people have asked me what I stand to gain by challenging the results of this election. Let me tell you. I want perhaps the very same thing that my opponent wanted when in 2012 he challenged the election results. I want the removal of doubts. I want all of us to know that our elections should be free, fair and safe and that we won’t have to settle for a process that leaves us confused,” he emphasized.

According to the NDC flagbearer, he craves for a system where state institutions can be held accountable without the fear of losing one’s life.

“I want a Ghana where institutions of state can be held accountable. A Ghana where we can stand on principles and demand accountability without the risk of losing our lives,” he stated.

The National Democratic Congress officially petitioned the Supreme Court to seek legal redress over the outcome of the December 7 polls.

Among other things, the party is seeking an annulment of the result declared by the Electoral Commission on December 9, 2020. Mahama reveals why he’s challenging 2020 election results.

Full Text : John Mahama’s address to the nation on the election petition. Good evening ladies and gentlemen, fellow Ghanaians, my Brothers and Sisters.
Let me begin by wishing you all Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. I am speaking to you, my countrymen and women, today because I would like to address a few of the issues that have come up since the December 7 election, particularly the issue of how best to proceed – for me, as a candidate; and, I believe, for us, as a nation.

Increasingly, many of us who are attempting to understand how the Electoral Commission arrived at the results of this last election are being advised to forgo the issue—in the interest of peace.

We are being reminded that Ghanaians are a peace-loving people and that Ghana, unlike many other nations on our dear continent of Africa, has not succumbed to war or been plagued with violence.

As a former president of the Republic of Ghana, a country that I love dearly, I am here to assure you that I know what it is to act in the interest of peace. I have always done so without reservation or hesitation.

I know what it is to contest an election and to have the good people of this country choose my opponent to serve as their next president. I know what it is to concede. I have done so before. In 2016 when the election was not called in my favour, I conceded. I conceded in a congratulatory call to my opponent. And then, not long after that, I conceded in a public address to the good people of Ghana.

I conceded not simply in the interest of peace and democracy, but because I respect the will of the people. I did then, and I do now. So, when I say that I will not concede this election, please know that I have not taken this decision lightly; understand that it is not because of a desire for power, but because of a dedication to principle and a commitment to democracy.

Based on the irregular and inconsistent results that were reported, I have reason to doubt that this election was free, or fair, or transparent. And without those fundamental pillars in place, how can any of us be sure that the results announced truly represent the will of the people?

My Brothers and Sisters, I stand here today to remind you that Ghana is a peaceful nation precisely because Ghanaians have always stood on principle. We have always fought for our democracy.

Our forefathers and foremothers have always understood that without this basic foundation, whatever peace exists in our country will not be lasting; whatever liberation we have as the architects of our collective future will soon be lost.

Whenever we decide to take the easiest road, the first step is always to surrender. And, often, the thing that we lose is the very thing that we value the most. The freedom that we enjoy today was not given on a silver platter. It came at a price.

It came because our forefathers and mothers stood on principle. Our history books are filled with the names of individuals who refused to take the road that was the easiest, or safest, or most convenient.

They refused to surrender their ability to appeal for justice in a land where they were meant to have a voice and use it for the betterment of themselves and their children and future generations.

All who fought for independence stood on principle to demand the sovereignty of this land that belongs to us, the people of Ghana. Indeed, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah once said, “Those who would judge us merely by the heights we have achieved would do well to remember the depths from which we started.”

There are many of you who are listening to me this evening who have spent your entire lives knowing only democracy. You know a Ghana in which every four years the citizens go to the ballot box to exercise their right to choose leaders who they believe will best serve their interests.

You know a Ghana in which the baton of power has been passed graciously, and without incident, from one party to another; a country with hundreds of radio stations and dozens of newspapers; a country where citizens can openly critique the performance of their elected officials; a country where they can protest peacefully, and without fear of punishment.

It is Ghana that your mothers and fathers, your grandmothers and grandfathers—wanted you to know. It is the Ghana that they dreamed of, and some even died trying to make that dream a reality.

Also listening to tonight are many of you who remember a different Ghana. In that Ghana, most, if not all, of those political traditions and social liberties I spoke of earlier did not exist: the airwaves were not filled with radio stations; there were not numerous newspapers; people held their peace because to complain about the people in power was to risk all manner of reprisals.

In that Ghana, presidential terms were interrupted by coups, and former heads of state were executed. There was ‘kalabule’, and ‘Operation Feed Yourself’, not to mention years of hunger, bush fires, drought, and one economic recovery programme after another.

Even the Ghana of the Kume Preko demonstrations bear little resemblance to the Ghana of today. We have travelled quite far as a nation in such a short period of time.

The road has not been easy, nor has it been absent of obstacles. That is why our beloved nation, Ghana, is often referred to as a trailblazer on the African continent.

With each achievement, we have grown stronger—as a people, and as a nation. Through these trials and tribulations, our democracy has also been strengthened.

My Brothers and Sisters, in a democracy as strong as ours, peace and justice can – and, in fact, they usually do – coexist. And that is because in a democracy such as the one we have built-in Ghana; it is the people who hold the power. Indeed, in 2012 when the election was called in my favour, my opponent challenged the results – as was his right; and he took the matter to court.

Eight long months of an election petition, far from destroying our democracy, rather reinforced our commitment to it – and affirmed the strength of our institutions, particularly the judiciary.

It is only in governments where the people are powerless, and at the mercy of those who hold office, that peace—or at least what passes as peace—can exist without justice.

Some people have asked me what I hope to gain by challenging the results of this election. Let me tell you: I want, perhaps, the very same thing that my opponent wanted when in 2012 he challenged the results of that election; I want the removal of doubt. I want for all of us to know that our elections should be free, fair, and safe—and that we do not have to settle for a process that leaves us confused, and with more questions than answers.

I want a Ghana where institutions of the state can be held to account. Where we can stand on principle and demand transparency without the risk of losing our lives.

When people lose their lives – as seven people did – in the course of our elections, we are moving backwards not forward; we are unravelling the very fabric of our democracy; we are risking the loss of three decades worth of progress.

When today we see armed military and militia in our collation centres and election outcomes declared at the point of a gun, for us who have witnessed our country’s journey through all its post-independence travails, we wonder if we have truly exorcised the ghosts of our torturous past.

We must continue to be a nation in which our young citizens have faith in our institutions, trust the rule of law, and rely on the presence of peace because there is justice.

Ghana must be a country where we citizens know and believe, without any doubt whatsoever, that the way forward is determined by the will of the Ghanaian people. And that we can hold our institutions of state accountable and guarantee that they work in favour of the national interest and not in the interest of the administration or person in power.

That is what I want.

This is why earlier today, my lawyers filed a petition in the Supreme Court of Ghana challenging the declaration of the results of December 7, 2020, Presidential Election made by Mrs Jean Mensa, the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission.

I have been compelled to do this because of her clear failure to act in accordance with the Constitution.

I thank you for your kind attention.

May your New Year be one of good health and prosperity.

May God bless each of you, and may God continue to bless our homeland, Ghana. Full Text : John Mahama’s address to the nation on the election petition.

HoHoe Mp Paid Shatta Wale Ghc2m To Perform At His Party. Shatta Wale has managed to build an enviable brand in the music industry which is why he’s one of the top highest paying musicians in Ghana.

He just reinforced that after it emerged that he charged the newly elected Member of Parliament for Hohoe, Mr. Peter Amewu a whopping₵2m before he performed at his victory party which down successfully at Hohoe yesterday.

This new piece of information, albeit not verified, was leaked on social media by a Ghanaian blog who wrote; “Shatta Wale charged Peter Amewu Ghc2Million Ghana Cedis to perform in Hohoe. Shatta is just a business-minded artist.”

The boss of the SM fraternity lived up to the billing by delivering a top-notch performance as well infusing it with comic acts which really sent the charged crowd into a frenzy. HoHoe Mp Paid Shatta Wale Ghc2m To Perform At His Party.

Davido Finally Reveals Why Burna Boy And Wizkid Are Fighting Him. David Adeleke- known within the scope of entertainment as Davido has reiterated that Burna Boy and his fans- and to some extent, the hatred from other Nigerians stems from the fact he was born into a rich family.

The Afrobeat season and son of Nigerian billionaire, Mr. Adedeji Adeleke believes the fracas he has with Wizkid and Burna Boy along with their legions of fans is beyond music as they feel he’s dominating them, aside from coming from a rich background.

Davido had earlier taken to Twitter where he threatened to quit music but subsequently made a u-turn, vowing to continue serving his fans massive hits back-to-back, shortly after having a public spat with Burna Boy at Twist Night Club in Ghana.

A Nigerian blog reinforced the notion that people are hating on Davido because of his wealthy family to which the singer readily agreed and reshared the post.

Check the Screenshots out ; Davido Finally Reveals Why Burna Boy And Wizkid Are Fighting Him.

Video : Ogidi Brown Threatens To Kill Fameye And His Little Son Over $50k. Artiste Manager and musician, Ogidi Brown has threatened to end the life of his former signee Fameye for refusing to pay him the money he( Fameye) owes him.

In a video sighted by on his Facebook page, Ogidi Brown alleged that Fameye was owing him a whopping amount of 50,000 USD.

Ogidi Brown who was visibly angry at Fameye, threatened to kill him and his new born baby if Fameye refuses to pay him the money he owes him.

His comments comes after Fameye organised a concert recently which was successful and trended as one of the best concerts in Ghana.

Ogidi Brown who was not invited to Fameye’s concert, gave him an ultimatum of two weeks to pay off the debt or face the consequences of losing his life and that of his new born baby.

Watch full video below; Video : Ogidi Brown Threatens To Kill Fameye And His Little Son Over $50k.

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