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Tepa: SHS student stabs a buyer to death over a polyethene bag. A 20-year-old student of the Tepa senior high school at Asaman in the Asutifi North District of Ahafo Region is in police custody after allegedly killing a buyer who bought sachet water.

The student who was identified as Ebenezer Opoku is currently in the grips of the Asutifi North District Police Command for stabbing the deceased who was a farmer and a labourer

The District Police Commander, DSP Paul Ankan confirming the incident said the unfortunate development occurred when the deceased, 23-year-old Seidu, went to a nearby shop to buy sachet water.

The DSP narrated that after he bought the water from the shop keeper, he requested that because of the quantity he had bought the shop keeper should give him a polythene bag for him to keep the water but the shop attendant declined.

The deceased than indicated that then if any of the water falls down he will return the water for it be replaced.

As the exchanges between the deceased and the shopkeeper were happening, Ebenezer who happens to be a friend to the shop keeper was present and got involved in the matter.

It was reported that the deceased even left murmuring while going home but Ebenezer who we don’t know whether he was under the influence of a drug or had been cast a spell followed Seidu to his house to stab him.

After realizing the most stupid thing he has ever done, he began to sense danger by trying to run away but residents apprehended him and handed him to the Kenyasi Police.

Doctors have confirmed the victim died as a result of a deep cut at his back. Tepa SHS student stabs a buyer to death over a polyethene bag.

Video: University Lovers Spotted Chopping Themselves In A Pool. Looks like the youths of today have no shame with the records of shameless acts they keep displaying. It’s not even a surprise anymore and we keep questioning the kind of upbringing they passed through.

The latest video circulating online of a university couple is something we can never dream of doing no matter how badass we consider ourselves. It looks unreal but that’s just the reality as these couples shoved a middle finger right under everyone’s nose and did their thing publicly in a swimming pool.

They looked to be enjoying their civic adventures as a kind soul also stood somewhere and caught the whole act on camera. It’s now live and clear and you can also catch a glimpse. Video: University Lovers Spotted Chopping Themselves In A Pool.

Juju man on TV asked us to bring human part & 5000cedis – Kasoa killers. The two young men who were arrested for killing 10-year-old Ishmael Mensah today appeared in court and narrated how they ended up carrying out such a heinous crime.

The two who were arraigned before the Awutu Ofankor District Court earlier today told the court that they were influenced by a juju man they saw on television.

According to the suspects identified as Felix Nyarko aged 15 and his partner Nicholas Kiki aged 18 they contacted this juju man they saw on television who promised to make them billionaires if they are able to provide human part and an amount of 5000ghc.

Appearing before the court presided over by Her lordship Rosemond Vera Allotey, they said all they wanted to do was to kidnap the deceased Ishmael and demand an amount of Ghc 5000 from his parents.

It was revealed that they had in mind that after taking the ransom from the deceased parents, they would still go ahead and kill the boy so they could take the remains to the mallam for the rituals to be carried out. A reporter who was at the court today revealed that whiles Felix showed remorse for his actions, Nicholas on the other hand looked unconcerned and acted normal.

At the end of the proceedings today, the court announced that since Felix is a minor he should be tried before a juvenile court whiles Felix shows up in the District Court to continue with the case. Juju man on TV asked us to bring human part & 5000cedis – Kasoa killers.

My twins are womanizers and I’m proud – Afia Schwarzenegger. Controversial presenter and self-acclaimed Queen of Comedy Afia Schwarzenegger has disclosed in the latest interview that her sons James and John are womanizers.

According to her, she has sacked about two or three ladies from her house who are trying to have a relationship with her twins because she is not okay with them.

She went on further to say that Naa Korshie who was recently in the news for dating his son James is actually his side chick and not the main chick that some people have been made to believe.

It would be recalled that Afia Schwarzenegger after the relationship between James and Naa Korley went viral on social media, came out to say none of her children was going to get married to a Ghanaian.

This comment from her left people wondering why she would make such a statement undermining Ghanaian ladies when in fact some are better than the foreign ladies she is asking her boys to get married to.

In the interview, she reiterated that she has heard the comments from people but she still stands by the fact that she is not allowing her twins to settle down with Ghanaian ladies. She ended on the note that her boys are in Legon to study and not to look for wives. My twins are womanizers and I’m proud – Afia Schwarzenegger.

Medikal Busted for lying about his age, claiming he is 27 years old. Ghanaian Artist Medikal has been busted for lying about his age after claiming he is 27 years old when he told Delay in 2017 that he was 25 years old which mean his age keeps going backwards.

Medikal yesterday celebrated his birthday ad he revealed that he was 27years old which got a lot of Netizens talking wondering if that is his football age or that is just his real age

Social Media users have been able to dig out an old interview of Medikal with Delay on her show where he claim to be 25 years old at that time which was in 2017.

Therefore social media users are off the view that Medikal is a liar since he was 25 years in 2017 but 27 years in 2020 instead of 29 years.

Well, Medikal isn’t the first celebrity to reduce his age but they seem to forget that the internet never forgets. Medikal Busted for lying about his age, claiming he is 27 years old.

Sonnie Badu reportedly resurrects girl who was declared dead by Doctors. A woman whose name remains unknown has been captured in a video showering praises and show her gratitude as she speaks about how Sonnie Badu saved her daughter’s life.

According to the woman the little girl was declared dead by Doctors but Sonnie Badu’s song titled “Baba” brought the girl back to life.

Narrating what happened, the mother of the girl revealed that the girl fell into boiling hot water and when she was found she was already dead as nothing she did revive her.

She claims the little girl was taken to the hospital where she was declared dead but somehow Sonnie Badu’s song brought her back to life

Watch the video below: Sonnie Badu reportedly resurrects girl who was declared dead by Doctors.

Thieves return stolen items after they were arrested by a swarm of bees. A rare incident has taken place in Kenya where a swarm of bees have ‘arrested’ two thieves for stealing some appliances.

According to a post shared on Facebook, the thieves stole a TV set, a gas cooker and a cylinder from Ms Rashida Joweila. Ms Rashida who noticed her items were missing hired the services of a witch doctor in Sofia Village to find the thieves.

The thieves identified as Wycliffe Kinara and Richard Duki were attacked by a swarm of bees and were forced to return the stolen items.

“I had never seen bees arresting thieves like it has happened today, they formed what appeared like a real handcuff on one of the suspects, while the other had a TV set stuck on his hands”, an eyewitness revealed. The thieves were in pain when they returned the stolen items to Ms Rashida Joweila followed by a mob who were surprised by the way they were attacked by the bees. The suspects claimed they stole the items due to unemployment.

See photos below; Photos: Thieves return stolen items after they were arrested by a swarm of bees.

More Photos Of Shatta Bandle And The Girl He Allegedly R@ped Pops Up. You would recall that reported on a viral video that captures Shatta Bandle in bed with a young beautiful lady at 5:07 am Easter Sunday morning.

Whiles most Christians around the world were celebrating the resurrection of Christ Jesus, Shatta Bandle decided to resurrect his feeling with a young and beautiful fair lady. From the video, you could tell that the young lady was trying to sleep after Shatta Bandle refused to let her sleep throughout the night for reasons known to himself.

He managed to wake her up all for her to place her head on his chest. She later opened her eyes just to gaze at the camera. Well, the latest report chanced our outfit indicates that the young lady Shatta Bandle allegedly slept with is an underage girl who is below the age of 17 years and the last born of her beloved family.

The voice behind the video also stated that Shatta Bandle went all the way to Bole on April 3rd with Aseda records for the purpose of signing a musician called Lexicon at the Wuripe Royal Lodge also known as (Bole Dubai) all for him to be banging the underage girl.

Shatta Bandle in reacting to the rumours going viral on social media has debunked ever sleeping with the underage girl and guess what, he disclosed that there were quite a number of people in the room as at the time he took to the video with the young girl.

He added that he is going to pay them a visit and take more videos with the girls and that any man who has balls in between his legs can go ahead and take him to court and he will also show his evidence to prove that he was only vibing the underage girl.

The diminutive actor used the opportunity to appreciate the people of Bole for treating him like a King during his visit and the signing of musician ”Lexicon”.

Well, has decided to bring you some pictures of Shatta Bandle and the 16-year-old girl having a great time together. Check out the photos below; More Photos Of Shatta Bandle And The Girl He Allegedly R@ped Pops Up.

Nana Aba Officially Announces Political Ambitions. Ghanaian media personality and General Manager of GHOne TV, Nana Aba Anamoah, has taken to social media to make her intentions known of running for office anytime soon.

Nana Aba Anamoah took to the microblogging platform and disclosed that she will be willing to run for office and that she will put out the details and the political party she will be joining very soon. She joins the likes of Ras Mubarak, Ahassan Suhuyini, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah who left the media space to become full-time politicians but in her case, we don’t know if she will quit the media.

Nana Aba Anamoah took to the microblogging platform and made her intentions known with the caption;

”I’m going to run for office. I’ll communicate date, time and the political party soon.”

Check out her post below; Nana Aba Officially Announces Political Ambitions.

Your husbands won’t come back to you again after our styles – SHS Girls. Two Ghanaian female students who are at the Senior High School level have shamelessly recorded a video of themselves boasting about their sexual prowess.

In this video which is fast going viral on the internet these students who are supposed to sit by their books are rather advising their fellows to be bold and open their legs in exchange for material things from men.

One of the girls said their wicked sex position they offer for their clients always makes their clients come for more. She revealed that after such multiple styles of sleeping with men, the men call them to offer appreciation in so many ways.

The two unidentified girls concluded by encouraging their mates to use what they have to get what they want. Watch the video below and you will feel sorry for the parents of these girls. Your husbands won’t come back to you again after our styles.