Anita Sefa Boakye Allegedly Funded Her Luxurious Wedding With Adinkra Pie CEO To Spite Her Ex, Dr Osei Kwame Despite

According to rumors, the lavish wedding ceremony between the boss of Adinkra Pie Barima Osei Mensah and Dr. Ose Kwame’s ex-girlfriend was Anita Osei Boakye funded by her.

According to recordings intercepted by Ghbase.com, a man who purports to be Adinkra’s close friend, alleges that Barima Osei Mensah and Anita have been fighting nonstop since their wedding.

The anonymous fellow added that during one of their furious arguments, Anita bluntly told Barima that she financed the lavish wedding to make her ex-husband, Dr. Osei, envious.

The informant went on to say that the Barima has been unhappy since they married last year because Anita does not regard him as the head of the house.

In November of last year, Despite’s baby mother Anita Sefa Boakye, tied the nuptial knot with Barima Osei Mensah, in an extravagant ceremony that became the talk of the town in Ghana.

In other news, A man out of frustration walked out on his two wives who he got married to during the reception of their wedding.

The man who is Nigerian decided to take two women as wives and had a wedding ceremony to make it official.

In a video sighted on social media, the wives were trying to get his attention by pampering him in a way that was rather making him uncomfortable as one of the wives gave him a drink and ‘forced’ it on him to drink all.

The other in an attempt to kiss him held his neck in a manner he felt suffocated and knew what they could do to him at the party. he walked out leaving them there alone.

Watch the video below;


SOURCE: www.voiceofgh.com

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