African Teams Preparations for Qatar 2022

Africa will be well represented at the FIFA 2022 World Cup this winter, with Cameroon, Ghana, Morocco, Senegal, and Tunisia all having booked their place in one of the sport’s biggest competitions.

With only a matter of months left to go before the tournament actually takes place, there will have been many that will have been keeping an eye on some of the progress that the qualifiers from the continent have made in the recent international break.

Indeed, the FIFA World Cup is going to be one of the biggest events available on the soccer Betway platform this winter, with a number of Africans likely to place a number of wagers throughout the competition.

Of course, there may be some that will look at wagering on the potential winner – a team from either Europe or South America – but there will be some that will be rallying around the nations that represent Africa on the grandest stage of them all.

Let’s explore how each of the teams has done so far:


Since qualifying for Qatar 2022 after defeating Algeria on away goals, Cameroon has only competed in one game thus far; an Africa Cup of Nations qualifier. They managed to defeat Burundi 1-0 on June 9, after seeing their game against Kenya being canceled.

They will play two more games – both against Namibia- before heading to Qatar for the FIFA World Cup.


Ghana will be a team that many African punters will continue to look out for when using Betway this winter, as they could be argued to be the team from the continent to watch.

After defeating Nigeria for their spot on away goals, the team has played a number of games in the Africa Cup of Nations qualifying stage with a win and a draw, as well as participating in the Kirin Cup; they were defeated by Japan and played Chile for Third Place.


Morocco is another team many Africans will like and with good reason. The team has been able to be relatively successful since qualifying, as they started their Africa Cup of Nations qualification stage with two wins against South Africa and Liberia. They did lose to the USA in a friendly, and they do not have another game to play until the start of the World Cup.


After defeating Egypt in a penalty shootout, some will argue Senegal is Africa’s greatest chance of achieving success this year. Indeed, the 2002 team is widely remembered for what they achieved at that year’s edition of the World Cup.

They have also started with two wins from two in qualification for the Africa Cup of Nations competition, whilst they will also play a further two games just prior to the upcoming tournament in Qatar.


Last, but not least, Tunisia has also had a steady time since booking their spot in Qatar, as they have played in Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers with success, as well as having participated in the Kirin Cup. In fact, they had managed to reach the final after defeating Chile.

With a double-header against Libya to come ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, there might be a reason to get excited about what Tunisia can do when the competition finally commences this winter!

SOURCE: www.voiceofgh.com

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