10 Shocking Celebrity Transformations You Won’t Believe

Christian Bale

10 Shocking Celebrity Transformations You Won’t Believe
Credit: Castelao Productions

Christian Bale is one of the most versatile actors in Hollywood, and he has proven it by changing his physique for different roles. He lost 63 pounds for The Machinist, where he played an insomniac factory worker who suffers from hallucinations. He said he ate only an apple and a can of tuna a day to achieve the emaciated look. He then gained 100 pounds to play Batman in Batman Begins, where he had to bulk up and train hard. He also lost 55 pounds to play a former boxer who struggles with drug addiction in The Fighter, gained 43 pounds to play a con artist in American Hustle, and gained 40 pounds to play former Vice President Dick Cheney in Vice. 

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