10 Mistakes To Avoid When Applying For A Job

10 Mistakes To Avoid When Applying For A Job. We will share with you possible mistakes to avoid if you want to land a job. These compilation is a list of things you are doing that is turning off your employee. Compiled by Publicist Aristocrat- VOG MEDIA.

Dear job seeker,

Have you been wondering why you never get invited for interviews? Below are some of the reasons:

a. You don’t follow simple instructions asking you to address your application to email address A, copy address B and list the CODE attached to the vacancy

b. You have a standard application letter that you forward without bothering to tweak it to address subject matters

c. You attach CV without an application letter

d. You don’t pay attention to detail

e. You make very embarrassing and avoidable mistakes

f. Your email subjects are not in line with the application requirements

g. Your CV isn’t properly structured

h. You don’t reply to emails inviting you for interviews.

i. You apply for jobs you have no relevant experience or education in.

Thank you. 10 Mistakes To Avoid When Applying For A Job.

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